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More Surf Spots to Check Out

If you get your ESPN channels through services like http://www.SlackWare.org or you happen to have one that offers you the Surf Channel, then you might be familiar with a couple of these. One excellent side benefit of New Zealand’s distance off the beaten path is that there are plenty of spots to surf around the [...]

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Staying Right On The Beach In Australia

Australia has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. They are great places to relax in the Sun and enjoy the warm breezes. Surfers love to catch the waves along the Australian coast. There are many fine hotels in Australia that provide travelers with accommodations right on the beach. The Beach Hotel in [...]

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Staying Right On The Beach In Fiji

When looking for a place to stay that is on the beach in Fiji, there are many things to look for and consider. A Place That Is Right On The Beach Some places for rent are several miles away from the beach, and while several miles isn’t a long distance, finding a place that is [...]

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Staying Right On The Beach In New Zealand

Staying right on the beach in New Zealand will show you why the island nation is known as the “Paradise of the Pacific”. Both of New Zealand’s two main Islands; the North Island and the South Island, have a variety of sandy beaches with with beachfront accommodations. With 15,000 kilometers of beach to choose from, [...]

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The Best Waves To Surf In All Of Australia

The Best Waves To Surf In All Of Australia Australia is one of the top surfing hotspots in the world and its surfing culture easily rivals that of California or Hawaii. But just where is the place to catch the best waves in Australia? Here are three of them. North Sydney has some of the [...]

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The Best Waves To Surf In All of Fiji

CloudBreak, Restraunts and SwimmingPools all sound like odd names for breaks, but they are some of the best waves in all of Figi. The waves in Figi rank in the top ten best waves found in the world. Figi is the worlds most popular surfing place. The hardest waves to try and conquer are Namotu [...]

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The Best Waves In All Of New Zealand

There are some great places to catch a wave in New Zealand. The first place is Raglan. Raglan is located in Hamilton, New Zealand. There are three main places for people to surf at Raglan. They are Indicators, Whale Bay, Manu Bay, Vortex Bay. It is also known for the world championship event that they [...]

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Best Beach Towns in Australia

So you got the travel bug watching too many shows on Direct television and now you-re headed to Australia for a week of fun in the sunbut which cities are must-sees? Here is our list of the top 3 best beach town on the coast of Australiaget out there! Port Douglas, Queensland: It-s adjacent to [...]

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Getting Cheap Fights To Beach Cities In New Zealand

A wonderful trip to New Zealand can be one of the most fun and adventurous times you will ever in your life experience, however, depending on the location you are coming from, the cost of getting there may not be all you had hoped it would be. Fortunately there are several ways to save on [...]

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Cities You Need To Surf In Australia.

Australia boasts some of the most exciting sites for surfing in the world. The beaches are plentiful and so is the surfing. These beaches include both beach breaks and point breaks that surfers love to catch a wave on. Being that there are so many there are too many to name; however, below you will [...]