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Cities You Need To Surf In Australia.

Australia boasts some of the most exciting sites for surfing in the world. The beaches are plentiful and so is the surfing. These beaches include both beach breaks and point breaks that surfers love to catch a wave on. Being that there are so many there are too many to name; however, below you will be introduced to some of the best cities and thus beaches that you need to surf if living in or visiting Australia.
The first beach that you need to surf in Australia is South Stradbroke Island. This island beach can only be assessed by ferry; however, the trip is worth it. Because the beach has a few sand bars there are some point breaks that make it an exciting place to be for surfers. The island is also gorgeous to just visit and watch others catch waves on.

A second beach to put on your list of cities you need to surf in Australia is Burleigh Heads. This Australian beach boasts waves that are dreamlike which make for a righteous surfing experience; however, because it is such as great surfing destination the crowds can be plentiful.

The third beach that you should plan a visit to in Australia is Kirra beach. Kirra beach is well known as having some of the best point breaks in the world. Professional surfers name this as one of their favorite surfing spots.

These locations are just a few of the many cities that Australia can offer you when it comes to surfing opportunities. Explore your options today and plan an exciting surfing trip.

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