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Best Beach Towns in Australia

So you got the travel bug watching too many shows on Direct television and now you-re headed to Australia for a week of fun in the sunbut which cities are must-sees? Here is our list of the top 3 best beach town on the coast of Australiaget out there!
Port Douglas, Queensland: It-s adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef which is enough of a draw but it-s got some of the best surfing on the Eastern coast of Australia and it-s a haven for backpackers. Lodging and food here is cheap and the vibe is all chill all the time.
Byron Bay, New South Wales: Why not take in some amazing wildlife while you-re vegging out on the beach? There are tons of water activities here besides surfing like kayaking and parasailing and you may catch a glimpse of a rare bird or even a whale, if you-re lucky.
Fraser Island, Queensland: It-s the largest sand island in the world but it-s not connected to the mainland so you-ve got to take a ferry but boy is it worth it. The dips are great and the scenery sublime, just don-t expect to surf.

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