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The Best Waves To Surf In All Of Australia

The Best Waves To Surf In All Of Australia

Australia is one of the top surfing hotspots in the world and its surfing culture easily rivals that of California or Hawaii. But just where is the place to catch the best waves in Australia? Here are three of them.

North Sydney has some of the best beaches in the country, but North Narrabeen is a local favorite due to run-off from the nearby lake that creates a sandbank to shape the waves into perfect sets. Offshore, the deeper water causes them to break powerfully.

Bells Beach in Torquay, Victoria is considered the true home of Aussie surfing and is the site of a world-renowned professional surfing event. The notoriously high waves, fifteen feet or more, are caused by Southern Ocean swells steepening over the shallow reefs. Their shape is also consistent as there are no shifting sandbars to mix things up.

Kirra Beach in Coolangatta, Queensland, is another world famous beach and it has the extra notoriety of being endorsed by world champion surfer Kelly Slater as his favorite surfing spot. If that wasn’t enough to put this one on your list, just talk to all the surfers coming back from the last flawless wave set.

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