Cities You Need To Surf In New Zealand.

What began in Polynesia with the fishermen using the waves to return to shore, has become an international sport, recreation, pastime and a lifestyle for many. Surfing and surfers can be found on every continent where the coasts are unsheltered from the open seas, but there are spots around the world that have become famous or infamous to the wave riders of the world.

Hawaii’s north shore is home to some of the biggest surf on the planet where death-defying rides on 40-foot waves are the norm. South Africa’s surfing spots offer hundreds of breaks tailored to beginners and experienced alike and Australia is a surfer’s paradise with endless opportunities for riders of all levels. International surfers travel the globe looking for that perfect wave, but many overlook one of the best surfing areas on earth, New Zealand.

New Zealand’s 3000 miles of coastline, hosts endless opportunities to surf and the beaches can be surfed year around. The east coast offers symmetrical barrels rolling toward the white sand beaches and on the west coast, freight train surf offers rides of over half a mile at Ahipara. The perfect wave may be found at Raglan and giant steamrollers at Murderer’s Bay.